Lucid Dreaming Induction

Dreams in general are pretty fascinating topic but the magic of lucid dreaming might be one of the most awesome things our brain is capable of doing that we know of.  To start with, lucid dreaming is defined as a dream during which a dreamer is aware of the fact that they are dreaming. Besides the awareness, the dreamer might be capable of taking control of the dream. Simply put, while lucid dreaming, people are able to affect and change the environment of the dream, choose people that they wish to dream as well as interactions with people, put themselves in different situations and, basically, do anything with only limit being their own imagination. 

While majority of lucid dreamers do not really choose in which dream they will be aware of, lucid dreaming seems like such an amazing experience that many people try to achieve such state at will. There are so many techniques known today to help induce lucid dreaming. From personal experience, I have never been able to lucid dream at will. Majority of my lucid dreams happen through sudden realization that I am dreaming or through false awakenings when I gradually realize that I have been dreaming for a while. The best reality checks for me have been lights which for some reason do not work properly in my dreams as well as my phone, TV or any other electronics emitting light.

The closest I ever gotten to lucid dreaming at will was when I started to pay close attention to my thoughts. To be honest, being fully aware of your thoughts can be a bit frustrating at first and truthfully I amm still struggling with it. There is so much going on in our everyday lives that we either simply forget about our own thoughts or we suppress them because of how overwhelming they might be. The truth is, once I am able to not only be aware that I am thinking but when I take full control of my thoughts is when I realize of how easy and simple everything is. However, as a human I forget how to get into that place and the reason for forgetting is again overwhelming everyday life which leads to frustration and anxiety. Stress seems to be to blame for everything even lucid dreaming. Furthermore, while trying to lucid dram in the state of full awareness and control, I would be able to catch glimpses of my dreams. The dream would unravel in front of my eyes and I could be fully aware of it. However, these glimpses would last shortly and I would quickly be back to reality. 

A few months back I was lucky enough to stumble upon an amazing YouTube video by Olivia's Kissper ASMR. Might I add that I am in no way associated with Olivia's Kissper ASMR, I just really like her videos. The particular video was of a guided meditation to listen to prior trying to lucid dream and it was perfectly designed for a viewer to experience exactly what I was trying to achieve. As expected, I have tried this meditation and found it to be very helpful for aspiring lucid dreamers therefore I wanted to share it with the rest of you. The video is linked bellow. 

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