Real Paranormal Activity Surrounding the Movie "The Conjuring 2"

James Wan’s horror movie “The Conjuring” got a sequel in the middle of the June, 2016. It also got a reputation of being a haunted movie. With the release of the “The Conjuring 2”, there have been numerous allegations of mysterious paranormal happenings surrounding the franchise.

Interestingly, unexplained events started occurring even prior to the filming of the movie. When the screenwriters (the Hayes brothers) were working on the script, they were spending lots of time on the phone with Lorraine Warren. Strangely, their phone calls would get cut by strange sounds including static and the line would eventually go dead. Furthermore, once while the director James Wan was working on the script, his dog started growling at an empty corner. The dog than started following something across the room but James Wan claims he saw nothing. The next event happened to lead actress Vera Farmiga. During the pre-production of the movie when Vera was only considering her role, she was researching deeper into the case on her laptop. That is when she got on the phone with the director James Wan. After the phone call had ended, Vera returned to her laptop only to notice three digital claw marks on her laptop screen.

Prior to the filming of the movie, the priest was called to the set in order to bless the area. However, the strange events continued. One of the film’s leads, Patrick Wilson was a firm nonbeliever prior to the filming. Now he had changed his mind; he is sure that the film set was haunted claiming that there have been several strange happenings which one could qualify as paranormal. Wilson reports that heavy drapes on the set would shake violently on more than one occasion. He claims there are even video proofs of this phenomenon. Moreover, some people on the set started experiencing dark feelings similar to those of the characters in the movie. Some were even injured during the filming and ended up in the emergency.

The lead actress, Vera Farmiga experienced a second paranormal happening on the day she completed her work on the movie. She returned home and woke up next day to, what she describes as, three claw mark bruises on her thigh. The actress says the claw marks on her thighs and on the computer were different.

After the movie was released, it was not only the people who worked on the movie that experienced the phenomenon. Now, there are reports from people who went to see a movie experiencing the alleged paranormal activity. The most shocking one happened earlier this June when a 65-year-old man died in a cinema while watching a screening of a horror movie The Conjuring 2. The man complained about the chest pains during the movie’s climax and fainted shortly afterwards. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Strangely, there are reports that the man’s body had gone missing. Allegedly, the man’s body and the man who was in charge of transporting the body have both gone missing. Furthermore, one Facebook post went viral after a man decided to share his paranormal experience after seeing the movie. 

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