2016, a Year of Clown Sightings

Who is afraid of clowns? If you are, this year's Halloween will be scarier than ever for you. Why is it so? Well, so far, it appears that this year is going to be a year of clown sightings. It all started back in August 2016 in South Carolina when several people started reporting encounters with creepy random clowns. Since then, clown sightings grew and, by now, pretty much the entire world is affected by it. Naturally, the phenomenon went viral making it pretty hard to ignore it at this point.

Source: pixabay.com
Initially, clowns were seen by woods or wooded areas where they would attempt to lour children into the woods with them. First children to come across them, report that the clowns were equipped with flashing green laser lights. Police was called to investigate but found no trace of clowns or anything related to clowns. As time went by, it appeared that the clowns were no longer limited to just the wooded areas. On the contrary, some people claim seeing them by the end of the roads or even at their doorsteps. Sometimes, the clown will just stare at you while other times clowns actually chase and terrorize people. So far, the mysterious clown encounters resulted in numerous police reports, several arrests and at least one death. 

Possible explanation for the current clown craze could be promotional work for the upcoming horror movies "It" and "31". However, nobody related to either of these movies owned up to it leaving a clown sightings a mystery. Some believe that these sightings might have started as something serious but eventually created a snowball effect and turned into an actual trend. Even the TV news are now doing reports about this trend

Whatever the initial explanation was, we are now faced with tons reports, pictures and videos of clown sightings. Some of them are hoax while others might be real and dangerous. After all, everyone has their own reasons for jumping this creepy band wagon. Since there are so many clown videos in the last couple of months with new emerging every day, bellow is the compilation of 10 of the scariest clown sightings by a youtuber Top5Central.

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