Halloween Superstitions II

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In yesterday's post, we have started our topic of Halloween superstitions. Since Halloween is all about supernatural, it is no wonder that there are a lot more superstitions surrounding the holiday aside from those we mentioned yesterday. Therefore, it is only appropriate to add them to our list! 

Today's post will be a part two of strange and spooky superstitions regarding the holiday of Halloween.


It is believed that the dead are allowed to walk the Earth on Halloween. Dressing up as a ghoul makes them think you are one of them, so they would not steal your soul.

If you see bats flaying around your house on Halloween, it is a sign that spirits are nearby. Furthermore, if a bat flies into your house on Halloween, it is believed that your house is haunted - a spirit let the bat come in. 

To prevent evil spirits from coming into your house on Halloween, you should walk around your home three times backwards and counterclockwise before sunset. 

To prevent any spirits from entering your home on Halloween, you should bury animal bones or a picture of an animal near the doorway.

Crossing paths with a black cat on Halloween is a sign that a witch is nearby.

If a girl goes to a field on Halloween at midnight to steal cabbages, the first man she meets afterwards will be her husband.

Another way to for girl to find out who she will marry is to carry a lamp to a spring of water on Halloween. She will see her future husband in the reflection of the water. 

If a girl wishes to see both her future husband and her future children, she should carry a broken egg in a glass to a spring water during the day on Halloween. She should mix some of the spring water into the glass to be able to see a glimpse of her future children.

It is believed that it is not good to travel on Halloween.

If you hurt a black cat on Halloween, you will end up with seven years of bad luck.

Last, but not least - if a flame of a candle becomes blue on Halloween night, it is a sign that a spirit or a ghost is near.

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