Favorite Paranormal YouTube: Paranormal Kativity

In the ocean of videos that's called YouTube, everyone seems to find whatever satisfies their interest; paranormal fans included. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to discuss some of the paranormal YouTube channels that are worth paying attention to. For the first article, I've chosen Paranormal Kativity, probably one of my favorite new channels in general.


The clever name of the channel comes from the mixture of the content creator's name Kat and one of her favorite movies Paranormal Activity; creating Paranormal Kativity. The channel has been active for only a year now and it is already drawing attention. With a current following of roughly 20.000 subscribers, Paranormal Kativity has experienced a quick rise within the last few months. The channel mainly focuses on different paranormal phenomenon as well as strange mysteries. However, the audience is also allowed to take a peek into Kat's life throught her vlogs or videos when she features her boyfriend or her friends. 

One of the best things about this channel it's the approach to paranormal which is more light-hearted rather than fear-based. Paranormal Kat also appears to be grounded, genuine and honest about both her experiences and her opinions. Another aspect of the channel that's really awesome, is it's interaction with the audience. Interaction is achieved through giveaway and shout-outs to her fans in both her videos and different social media. Paranormal Kativity even has an entire series dedicated to interaction with fans; Netflix and Chills. During the series, she watches horror movies live with her fans via Google Hangouts. 


Channel's content mostly consists of Kat's personal unexplained experiences, popular but true mysterious stories, different paranormal discussions, Ouija Board sessions as well as paranormal investigations. Although, I love all of her videos, bellow are the ones I would qualify as my favorite (or the ones I was drawn to watch more than once) to give you an idea of what Paranormal Kativity is all about.

Definitely worth a watch. Paranormal Kativity goes on paranormal investigation to a haunted house called Reavenant Acres. Multiple paranormal phenomenon is recorded during investigation including different sounds, spirit box session as well as a really cool flashlight game with a ghost. Paranormal Kativity visited the same place a few months later as well, capturing even more spooky phenomena. To see her second investigation; either visit her channel or click here.

In this video, Paranormal Kativity plays Ouija Board with her friend. The video is both spooky and cute as Kat's friend learns more about spirits who seem to be chilling around her. It needs to be noted that Kat's Ouija Board sessions appear to be one of the most genuine ones found online making them a must to watch for anyone interested in paranormal.

In the last video, Paranormal Kativity tells a true story about the house which might be haunted by darker energies. It was a story she heard about from other people but, eventually, she went to check the house herself. In the video, she explains both her experience at the house as well as the story she heard about it. 

There is a lot more where that came from. Therefore, I would deffinetely suggest to anyone who is a paranormal fan to check out Paranormal Kativity's Channel. In conclusion, I would just like to note that Mysteria Words Blog is in no way affiliated or sponsored by Paranormal Kativity; this channel is simply one of my faves :)

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