Paranormal Experiences With My Roommate II

So, a few months back, I have written about some paranormal phenomenon my roommate and I have experienced. In that post, I mentioned that there are periods when strange things would happen and than, suddenly, out of the blue, they would stop. Well, it appears that the period of activity has once again returned. Considering the Halloween is approaching, it is not really that surprising.

It all started several days ago when multiple syncronicities would occur or, at least, they would be more noticeable than usually. Then, two days ago, in a middle of a night, my roommate heard someone breathing in our hallway. Next day, things got even stranger. My roommate went out. She wasn't gone for more than a minute when I heard her return home. She unlocked the doors and went to her bedroom. At the time I was in my room on my laptop so I just yelled out: "What did you forget?" Nobody answered. Needless to say, nobody was there. Few moments later, she actually returned - it wasn't raining anymore, so she came back to leave the umbrella at home since she won't be needing it. A day went on. At one point I went to the kitchen to do the dishes. Still home alone, I hear my roommate return. Don't worry, it was actually her this time. However, the first thing she asked me upon her arrival was: "Did you fall down?" "No, I didn't" - I reply. Apparently, she heard me fall down and yell out: "Come on!" out of frustration. Well, that never happens. It doesn't end there - my roommate claims she heard me yell out: "No!" last night.

This is not the first time this has happened. Here are other two times the phenomena had happened: story 1, story 2.  There is a whole list of explanations as to why this phenomena could occur; from prophecies, entities imitating the living, stale energies, hallucinations, different dimensions etc. I guess, we just have to figure out what's been happening in our case. 

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