Creepy Legend of The Učka Tunnel,Croatia

Učka is the mountain situated in Istria, Croatia. Aside from its wonderful protected nature, the Učka mountain is also known for its spooky legends. The tunnel going through the mountain is especially considered to be a place of mystery. 


Story about the mentioned tunnel dates back to 1988 when police started receiving numerous yet eerily similar reports. Each report of the encounter would sound almost the same:

Woman dressed in black would be hitchhiking by the road which leads to the Učka tunnel. She would enter the car and offer psychic readings to the driver as sign of gratitude. All that thought the ride thought the tunnel. The minute they would exit the tunnel, the woman would mysteriously disappear from the car.

During that time, police started to patrol the area more intensely, but they never found the woman in black. Some suspected that the mysterious woman escaped the mental hospital. However, that doesn't explain how she managed to get out of the moving vehicle and shut the door behind her all the while she managed to stay alive and the driver wouldn't notice anything. Some say her trace is completely lost upon building the new tunnel while others claim she is still out there, hitchhiking. 

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