Adele Believed Her Mansion Is Haunted

Lyrics "hello from the other side" might have a different meaning for the famous singer Adele. Back in 2012, Adele publicly stated that she believes her house is haunted by visitors from the other side.

Talented singer rented her dream home in 2012; a £7 million, ten bedroom mansion in West Sussex, England. However, it was not long before her new home started giving her the creeps. It all started with a spooky vibe of the house. Soon after, it proceeded to unexplained sounds at night. Apparently, the unexplained sounds were as loud to make her jump. Adele was so spooked out that she moved her bodyguard to live with her. On top of all of it, Adele's mansion used to be a convent. Considering the paranormal phenomenon and the place's history, Adele got convinced that her dream home was actually haunted.

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