Accidental Video of a Ghost Voice?

Hearing someone calling your name when nobody is there can be explained several different ways; from mental disorders, sleep deprivation and long-term periods of stress to hypogognic state and conformation bias. Yes, all of these explanations might be reasons that cause us to slightly hallucinate and hear what does not exist. However, what if we accidentally manage to record the moment when an unexplained voice was heard. At first, we might think it was nothing but our mind tricking us, but upon reviewing the tape, we actually hear someone calling our name. It freaks us out, so we show the suspicious recording to other people; they hear the mysterious voice as well. This is what happened to Garret David Ginner, a skater and a youtuber.

In a video, Garret is making yet another one of his skater videos, but is interrupted by a male voice calling his name. Garret responds but quickly realizes that he is alone in the house! Upon reviewing the tape, he realizes that someone was actually calling his name and he was not imagining. Needless to say, he was more than a bit spooked out. Furthermore, Garret experienced several technical difficulties regarding the video. Lots of times when people are recording something paranormal, either purposely or accidentally, they experience strange technical difficulties; their files become corrupted, malfunction or just plainly vanish. In the end, Garret managed to fix his files and, if we believe him, he has got a great video of a ghost. 

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