Synchronicity or Meaningful Coincidence

Majority of us, if not all of us, have experienced some strange coincidences throughout our lives. Most of the time we brush them of as exactly that – just coincidences, however sometimes these random events turn out to be completely unbelievable that it makes us wonder; was it a coincidence? Famous psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung was one of to first to research this phenomenon naming it synchronicity.


Similar to most of us, Jung was inspired to look deeper into the phenomenon of coincidences from his everyday life. One of his patients dreamt a golden scrab – cetonia aurata to be exact. The next day, during the psychotherapy session, that same insect hit against Jung’s cabinet window. Interestingly, the presence of this insect was very rare for that climate. Furthermore, in esoteric philosophy of antiquity, the scrab was associated with death and rebirth which is what Jung’s patient was experiencing at that time while going through psychotherapy. Therefore, Jung noticed a significant connection between both psychical and psychological phenomena. Was it just a coincidence? Jung probably wondered.
In his research, Jung explained the concept of synchronicity stating that everything in the universe is somehow intimately connected. He proposed the idea that when multiple meaningful occurrences happen, it is a type of psychological and spiritual experience intended to guide us instead of it being a coincidence. The direction of guidance might not be initially known but if we trust and believe our intuition, the path will sometimes become obvious to us. However, it is still up to us as individuals to make the decision to follow. Synchronicity seems like a little helpful push.
Moreover, Carl Jung believed that we are responsible for our own synchronicity. Subconsciously, each and every one of us knows what we want and our daily thoughts (conscious and unconscious) and actions cause the manifestation synchronicity in our lives. However, not all synchronicity will lead us to a place we consciously want to be. Sometimes our subconsciousness knows better and it will lead us to events, people and places which might not initially seem like the best choices but ultimately they might be teaching us life lessons and end up being beneficial to us in long term. Furthermore, people connect synchronicity with Law of Attraction stating that positive attracts positive and that negative attracts negative. Although this concept certainly is interesting, there are no facts that could properly support the theory leaving synchronicity in the field of pseudoscience and parapsychology.


Science explained coincidences as a result of psychological phenomenon called confirmation bias; humans easily notice and remember things which might confirm our beliefs rather than those that do not. Apparently, our brains are extremely good at making connections and creating patterns where there are none. Think about the smiley face; we perceive it as a face even though it is not a real face. Perceiving world around us as a pattern makes it easier for our brain to process information. It would be quite a long and exhausting process if we had to identify eye by eye, nose and lips each time in order to figure out we are seeing a face. Moreover, making connections has also been helpful in our survival as a species. Add people’s need to find causality in everything in the mix, you have got yourself a coincidence. According to science, coincidences are nothing but a production of our minds.

Science might have explained it and Jung’s theory might still be a part of a pseudoscience but what about experiences with truly unbelievable coincidences which will blow anyone’s mind.

In 1930s a man by the name Joseph Figlock was walking down the streets of Detroid. At the same time, the baby fell from a high window in that same street. Luckily, the baby’s fall was broken when the baby landed on the man and both were unharmed. Strangely, a year later, on the same street, the same baby fell from the very same window onto the very same man. Both the baby and the man survived this time as well.

In 1975, a man riding a moped was accidentally killed by the driving taxi. Exactly one year later, the victim’s brother was driving a moped on the same street as well when he was stuck by the same taxi as his brother. Furthermore, the same taxi was driven by the same driver and was even carrying the same passenger!

Two twin boys were separated at birth and adopted by different families. Although, the families were unknown to each other, both decided to name their son James. Both brothers sought law-enforcement training, had abilities in carpentry and mechanical training and each married the woman named Linda. Both of them owned dogs which they named Toy and had sons whom one named James Alan and the other James Allan. Furthermore, both divorced and remarried other woman; both named Betty. Twin brothers met each other forty years after their childhood separation and were probably pretty amazed by their similar lives.

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