Who Is The Hat Man?

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night only to find a dark shadow of a person wearing hat standing by your door. No facial features except eyes. It seems like they glow in a reddish tone. The only thing you are sure about is that this being is sinister and it's intentions are not good. All you could feel is pure fear. This is how majority of encounters with the hat man look like with some reports dating as back as to ancient times.


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The hat man is mostly known to appear while falling a sleep, waking up or during a vivid dream. However, there have been several reports of people seeing him in the bright daylight. He is usually described as a full figure shadow of a person wearing a fedora hat or, less commonly, different hat styles. In some cases, he will tip his hat at the person as if he is greeting them. Sometimes, he is seen wearing a cloak or a black suit. Although most of the time the hat man is seen without any facial features, there are instances when a person can distinctively see his eyes which might be glowing and are usually of red, orange or yellow color. Rarely, his eyes might be pink. Some people claim that his appearance was less shadowy like and more like black TV static. 

Encounters with the hat man tend to be negative. Majority of people report feeling an alarming sense of danger and fear while in the presence of a hat man. People can feel that he is of a sinister nature, concluding that he is a malevolent entity. Furthermore, the hat man tends to appear when people are going through harsh times. Therefore, he is believed to be attracted to negative energies, bad luck, misfortune, ill-health and even death. Interestingly, there are reports of the hat man encounters within several generations of the same family as if he is somehow attracted to certain families. 


Source: pixabay.com
Those familiar with shadow people will certainly recognize lots of similarities between the hat man and the shadow person. Some even believe the two are somehow related. Both beings mostly appear either while falling asleep or waking up; their appearances are pretty similar and both appear as a shadowy figure which just stands and stares at you. The differences are in the hat and the feeling. Shadow people might sometimes feel bad but the hat man is almost always described as a sinister entity. Some believe the hat man is a subcategory of shadow people while others think he is of his own kind.

So, who is the hat man? The same as with everything paranormal, no one can surely tell. As far as we know, he wears a hat and causes feelings of danger and fear but that's about it for now. Hopefully, one day we might have more answers as to who the mysterious hat man really is.


  1. I saw the hat man... I saw him when I was eight right after my papa died... Im pretty sure i saw him before when i was about three... My mother said she has seen something simular to him as she was a girl... It wasnt danger for me... But it was for my mother... The sense of safty came to me... And i always feel like he is watching


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