Visit from the Dead Via Computer

The following short story is a true paranormal experience which happened to my father. It is quite different from majority of encounters I have heard about. Also, we have an idea about what it could be.

Several months ago, my dad was at his computer when suddenly the screen went dark. At first he tought something was wrong with the computer. However, a split second later, he saw a shadow on the screen. It was not a reflection; it was as if the video was playing. The shadow moved from one side of the screen to another, turned towards my dad, looked at him, turned back again and then went through the light. The computer screen turned back to normal. My dad says it happened in the split second. What's interesting about this case is that my dad uses an old computer from 2004 which makes it a pretty slow and the graphics especially are quite bad. However, my dad claims the graphics were as perfect as the real world. What makes the situation even more interesting is that at that time of the occurrence one of my dad's best friends was in a comma and unfortunately, he passed away a few days later. The little spiritual person in me believes he came to say goodbye to my dad.

It is no secret that the spirits are known to manipulate the electronics. The theory says spirits can use the power of the devices (battery, electricity) to make themselves known. Even recent scientific studies point that there is a possibility for such phenomena. If you wish to read about the study, click here. Therefore, paranormal investigators using electronic equipment might be on to something! 

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