Paranormal Experiences With My Roommate

When you live with somebody for quite a while, you are bound to experience a bunch of things together. Sometimes these experiences might be unexplainable or even considered paranormal. Therefore, my roommate and I are not an exception.


Aside from telepathy which people who live together are bound to experience due to the fact they know each other so well, there have been other things happening. First of all, our paranormal experiences would come in periods meaning there would be few days or weeks just filled with different paranormal events and then there would be a periods of absolutely nothing unexplainable happening. We've experienced hearing voices, objects moving, electronics not functioning properly and a lot more unexplained phenomenon.


There were a few instances when my roommate would hear me speak but, in reality, I was completely silent. Since both of us quickly picked up this, we were both very careful. I remember once when she yelled out: "What?" I knew she heard me again although I didn't say anything. As I went to her room we just looked at each other suspiciously. I find this phenomenon very interesting because she was not the first person who heard me. I already wrote about it so click here if you want to check it out. Besides the imitating voices, sometimes my bed would make a sound as if somebody just sat on it.


There was a period when our things started disappearing. The very first thing to disappear was my roommates’ scissors. It was weeks before they reemerged completely visible at the table in my roommates’ room where she checked multiple times before. Another thing to disappear was my phone charger. For a week, I was using my roommates’ charger to charge my phone only to mysteriously find mine at school in my bag; the bag which I took to school every single day. My personal favorite is definitely when the door of the electricity meter opened on its own. That was just strange. 


If you ever come to our apartment be prepared to function without proper lighting. The light bulbs in our apartment frequently just stop working. Sometimes bulbs would just burst while other times they just wouldn’t work regardless the fact they should be functioning normally. This caused us to completely give up on ceiling lights in the bathroom and my bedroom. We use table lamps; it’s much easier to change the light bulbs. Aside the lights, appliances frequently malfunction. There was a period we’ve completely given up on TV because it would break so much. One night, I witnesses air-conditioning turning itself on for a few minutes and then turn itself off. It became quite regular for me to see lights on the appliances which indicate it’s turned on, radiating even though the appliances are turned off. First, I noticed this on the stove and now the heater in my room does it every night.

Both of us also experienced phantom smells including male perfume and the graveyard smell. If you aren’t familiar with phantom smells or the graveyard smell click here for the explanation. Maybe both of us are just very open to experience and that may be the reason for the unusual occurrences in our lives together.

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