Are You a Star Child?

There are certain people in this world who simply do not fit the rest of the society. We recognize them as people who are very imaginative, have positive attitude and are somehow just unique in their own way making their opinions and ideas about the world stand out as different among the society. Majority of us met someone who fits the description or we might even recognize ourselves as unique. As expected, there has been a theory floating around suggesting that these people are even more special and unique than we ever imagined.


The theory of Star Seeds or more popularly known Star Children suggests that these people are born specifically in order to break the existing paradigms and start the next stage of human evolution. Some even claim that star children are of extraterrestrial origin explaining that their different views and ideas come from no other but from the universe knowledge itself. Therefore, it is believed that star children are either very old souls or aliens incarnated in human body born to help us ascend.  


  1. Probably the most common trait of all star children is an extreme sense of need and urgency to fulfill their mission of changing this world for the better no matter what their mission might be.
  2. Star children constantly feel like they are not fitting in. They are often on the search for the place to fit in causing them to change their appearance (hair color, style) but never quite managed to find it.
  3. They simply do not understand inhumanity which makes them very sensitive to violence, cruelty and similar topics. They often feel as if they need to make people see the right thing.
  4. Although star children might come across as cold or sometimes socially awkward, once you meet them, they are one of the most loving, caring and considerate people you have ever met.
  5. They love both spirituality and science making them able to actually healthily live their beliefs.
  6. Not only do they love and live spirituality and science, but they might be fascinated with topics of science fiction, paranormal and different scientific or parapsychological theories.
  7. Star children have had paranormal experiences trough their life. They also show signs of highly developed psychic abilities.
  8. They feel as if they are one with Universe. It comes naturally to star children.


Above we have explained some of the most common traits of star children however once we divide star children into categories we see each of them possess different traits. So far star children have been divided into three generations: Indigo Children, Crystal Children and Rainbow Children. 


Indigo Children are the first generation of Star Seeds/Star Children incarnated in this world. They also seem to be the most popularized of all Star Seeds mainly known for their special, unusual and even supernatural traits and abilities. Majority of Indigo Children were born in 1970s and 1980s with a few scouts born prior to those times as well as some of them still being born today.

As the first Star Seeds incarnated their tasks on this Earth mostly consisted of clearing the path. They did so by strongly refusing absolute authority which did not allow freedom of choice or negotiation. Indigo Children viewed rules by such authority as silly and useless. In order to achieve a liberated society, Indigo Children were born with high confidence and sense of self worth. This is why they are often viewed as stubborn. On the contrary, Indigos needed a high self-esteem to be able to break the rules and teach us that our voice does matter and that we do have the power to make a difference. 


Crystal Children are the second generation of Star Seeds. They were mostly born in 1990s with a few exceptions that were born prior and after the 1990s. The main difference between Indigos and Crystals is that Crystals are much more even-tempered. Indigos job was to fight and clear the path for the Crystals who were, thanks to the Indigos, being born into a lot more secure world. Moreover, Crystal’s task is more to set an example of cooperation with one another rather than fight.

The biggest trait of Crystals is their ability to act as mirrors. They reflect environment around them making them highly empathetic. In short, they are born to heal the people and the planet. However, this trait causes them to be extremely sensitive and it is almost necessary for them to take both physical and psychological care of themselves. To read more about Crystal Children, click here.


Rainbow Children are the third generation of Star Seeds. Most of them were born in the 2000s and are being born today with some scouts being born before the 2000s. It is believed that Rainbow Children have never been incarnated on the Earth before and that they have arrived directly from the Universe. The main difference between Indigos and Crystals is that Rainbow Children are not as nearly as vulnerable to human negativities and destructions. Instead they quickly recover from negative emotions making them all about universal joy, harmony, smiles and forgiveness to all.



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