Lokrum, Croatia's Cursed Island

There are numerous locations worldwide with the reputation of being haunted. Majority of these locations are known as haunted houses. However, besides houses being haunted there are also different locations which are considered haunted; roads, woods, tunnels, hotels, islands and more. Today we are going to explore the allegedly haunted island situated in Croatia; Lokrum.

Source: http://www.lokrum.hr/eng/galerija-lokrum/
Lokrum is a haunted island located very close to the Dubrovnik, Croatia. Its documented history dates back to 1023 when the island was given to Benedictines who were the first owners of the island. Dark side of the story starts when it was sold to Dubrovnik authorities in 1798. 

That's when the Benedictines apparently to cursed the island. Some say they cursed it out of revenge while others believe the curse was created accidentally in the process of mourning. Supposedly, they walked around the island holding candles upside down while saying prayers the entire night. Allegedly, anyone who dares to use the Lokrum as a place of leisure will be cursed. Curse can supposedly only be stopped if one collects all the wax that dripped that night.

After it was taken from Benedictines, the island became a leisure residency to multiple famous and rich nobles of which many would face strangely tragic ends. Some of them went mad, lost their thrones, committed suicide, some were sentenced to death and some became murderers. Probably, the biggest thing connected to the island is in the early 20th century when Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria decided to take a vacation at the island. Right before he went to the island, he and his wife decided to take a trip to Sarajevo. That's where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated and that was the event which started the World War First. In the most recent history, in 2007, two workers supposedly taped a ghost with the phone in the Benediction Monastery. 

Nowadays, Lokrum is the area protected by UNESCO.  While it is allowed to visit the island during the day, staying owner the night is not acceptable. The truth is, Lokrum is a beautiful island with many both cultural and natural sights. Isn't it always like that? We have to scratch the surface to see what's really underneath. As they say, never judge a book by its cover.

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