Haunted Mirror

There is something about mirrors that just makes them great candidates for a haunted object. Hollywood recognized this. There is always that one scene when the ghost appears in the mirror. Furthermore, there are entire movies dedicated just to mirrors (ex. The Mirrors, Occulus). For me, I have always been creeped out by this old tradition where you are supposed to cover all the mirrors in the house when someone passes away. It's all superstitions, spooky tales and irrational fears for the most of us. However, for two roommates in London, the haunted mirror was very real.

Source: pixabay.com

According to dailymail.co.uk, in 2013, student Joseph Birch and painter Sotiris Charalambous acquired the antique mirror from their landlord who didn't want it anymore. Ever since they brought the mirror to their home, they claim to experience nothing but bad luck, misery, illness and financial problems. Furthermore, they began seeing orbs of light and glimpses of shadows in the mirror. Both of them started to feel extremely drained but when they would leave the apartment they would instantly feel better. Once, they decided to paint the walnut mirror with metallic silver. After doing so, the situation escalated. Their belongings would go missing and the radiator below the mirror stopped working despite never having problems with heating before. Strangest of all, both of them started suffering from intense nightmares. Joseph woke up covered in scratches one night and both of them claim the mirror caused them to wake up screaming in pain at the exact same time. As expected, they decided to sell the mirror. 

During the research, I could not find what exactly happened to the mirror. Aparently it had been sold but it is unknown where and to who as well if the mirror is still causing unexplained phenomena. If anyone knows where it ended up, share it with the rest of us. We are very interested!

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