Peggy, the Possessed Doll

Possessed dolls are pretty common theme in horror movies but what if the idea of haunted dolls isn't reserved only for horror movies. Many of us heard about the numerous allegations of real life possessed dolls; Peggy is one of them.

According to Daily Mail, the story about Peggy starts when the owner of the doll sent her to Jayne Harris, a paranormal investigator, claiming she is haunted. The owner believed the doll was responsible for a series of nightmares she'd experience, leaving her waking up feeling hot and shaken. The woman even searched help from a local priest but it didn't help. That's when the owner sent the doll to Harrison.

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Soon after Harris received the doll, she began conducting several experiments on the allegedly possessed doll. The investigator quickly learned that Peggy would have strange effects not only on people around her but on people who would just see a photo or a video of Peggy. Once, the day after Harrison conducted an automatic reading session with Peggy, she couldn't find her notebook. Later, she found it in the joints of the ceiling of the basement. Apparently, Peggy is also able to control dreams. One woman dreamed of Peggy warning her about one of her cats. The next day, the lady found her cat very ill and he died that same day. Furthermore, one of the mediums working on the case experienced paranormal activity on her Facebook. Apparently, all the comments she would post about Peggy were duplicated; no one else's, just hers. She also experienced the feeling of someone else being there with her and her dog would be barking at nothing. That's when the woman apologized to Peggy and all the symptoms stopped! The story about Peggy quickly spread all over the internet. The video of the doll posted online caused eighty viewers to suffer from chest pains, nausea and headaches. Watch the video bellow at your own risk.

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